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Manage data by yourself, safer and more convenient   Since most employees have business trip frequently, a marketing company recognized the importance of data centralization and scattered using and applied for public cloud long before. However, after a few years, they found public clouds have many problems: First, the public cloud's personal space is too small, and troublesome to expand, personnel changes are also not very easy; Second, data privacy is not strong enough, always worries about its safety; And it seems that the renting cost for public cloud is small at the very beginning, but a few years later, it is far higher than the company expected, then it becomes the obstacle of enterprise development.

  After full consideration, the company finally chose Rich E-cloud instead of public cloud, problem solved. Rich E-cloud is company self-built private cloud, and provides users with a variety of management functions. Personal space can be easily expanded; personnel changes are also very simple. Although initially needs the cost of increasing server, it does not require additional investment in the coming years, overall is cost-effective. More importantly, the data can finally be stored in the enterprise, with encrypted transmission and storage, very safe and reliable. Employees in the company can use the disk mode, and can visit corporate data via the Internet client, mobile client, etc when outside for a business trip, the staff are very satisfied with this.
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1. Rich E-cloud is private cloud, has no space limit and more cost-effective compared to public cloud;
2. Data of Rich E-cloud is stored inside company, and can be encrypted, highly improved data safety;
3. Rich E-cloud provides multi-ways of visiting, user can visit no matter in LAN or internet or with a cellphone.
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