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Easy data collection and sharing   An education department in Guangdong, when they are promoting the teaching computerization process, found there isn't a proper way for teachers in different schools to centrally submit their course and share to others, and lack of a convenient way to share excellent courseware quickly with teachers, which becomes the bottleneck of the computerization reform promotion.

  With the help of Rich E-cloud, problem is easily solved. After setting up server in the Education Center, all of the teachers can easily upload and share his/her own courseware through Rich E-cloud internet client. The education department can also share excellent courseware with teachers by permission settings and public resources setting. The local computerized educational reform has step on a higher level since then.
Network Structure
Server Configuration
1. Rich E-cloud can support the WAN using;
2. Rich E-cloud can meet the needs of data centralization and sharing;
3. Rich E-cloud can allocate public resources and set permissions conveniently.
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