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Safe and Convenient   A design company has high demands of draft privacy and centralization, meanwhile a large number of design elements need to be shared inside the team. The previously used method is designers upload their manuscript to the company's server before getting off work every day, and download to local computer through FTP after going to work, and the elements need to be shared still stay in the server, provide for designers through Windows Sharing. Which is time-consuming and makes designers a headache.

  RichTech helped the company build Rich E-cloud system. Thus with the unique “Disk Mode” of Rich E-cloud, designers can open the manuscript in server directly, and edit it on the local computer in company LAN, no need to upload and download from the FTP every day. At the same time, the public resource sharing of Rich E-cloud makes it much easier for designers to use the design elements.
Network Structure
Server Configuration
1. Rich E-cloud can not only meet company needs for data safety management, but also not change using habits, user can directly operating files on server;
2. Rich E-cloud has reasonable management of user, team, resource allocate and permission, which makes public resource much useful;
3. Data is stored in company's internal server, much centralized and safer.
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