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Simple and Clear Documentation Management   A software company has obtained ISO9001 certification. Due to ISO process requirements, they have a lot of documentation during the work, such as the templates of all files, the specification requirements for each process, the demand, design and test examples and meeting minutes included in the project etc. How to manage these files effectively has become a serious problem for the company management. The company has a set of documentation management system purchased previously, however, the download and upload are very troublesome due to the use mode of WEB, and the functions of full-text search and label are almost paltry things and have no any meanings.The network administrator of the company has a sudden inspiration of whether he can make use of Rich E-cloud deployed by the company to realize simplified documentation management. He implements the idea: place the rules and regulations and templates in public resources, which the quality department has full control permission, and other employees has the permission of read only; set the project as public resources, consolidate different documentation into different folders, and give different access permission to different personnel…After the implementation, it is found that Rich E-cloud can not only meet the documentation management requirements of the company, but also it is more convenient to access and use the files in Rich E-cloud than in the documentation management system.
Network structure diagram:
Server configuration
1. Rich E-cloud centralizes the enterprise files, each user and each team have their own resources, and public data can be consolidated by establishing resources, thus being able to realize clear classification management;
2. The feature of flexible user/team/resource permission management of Rich E-cloud can set different permissions on the consolidated files for different accessors, which can ensure the availability of the data, but also the unity;
3. Rich E-cloud provides a variety of access modes, particularly the virtual disk mode, and their use is the same as normal operation o f the computers, which is simple and convenient.
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