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Virtual Network Realizes Personalization Easily   In order to be able enhance unified management of the employees' computers and facilitate IT maintenance work, a company establishes a set of virtual office environment. However, the office computer environment is consolidated and unified, but the work of each employee is different. Consequently, how to meet the demands for personalized work becomes a difficult problem on the basis of a unified environment.

  After extensive comparison and trial, the company selects Rich E-cloud. Rich E-cloud can be deployed and installed very quickly. All the employees of the company have been able to login on Rich E-cloud to process their own personalized files within less than one day, and no training is required for the operation mode of virtual disks, which is the same as previous working habit. Meanwhile, the functions of Rich E-cloud such as sharing, synchronization, external links etc. also improve the working efficiency, and the functions including the trash, historical version, encryption and backup etc. ensure the data security, thus pushing IT environment construction of the company to a new level.
Net structure diagram
Server configuration
1. Rich E-cloud meets the personalized needs in the virtual environment under unified management, and can save personal data in Rich E-cloud, which will not be lost after rebooting of the computer;
2. Rich E-cloud has such rich functions as synchronization, sharing and external links etc., which can improve the work efficiency and promote the work level;
3. Rich E-cloud also provides such features as trash, historical version, encryption, and timely backup etc, thus ensuring the data security.
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