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RichECloud NAS Integrating the Software and Hardware   In an advertisement company, the senior management of the company has already understood the advantage of the enterprise cloud in the data management. After a lot of comparison, they decided to select private cloud. However, private clouds are basically in the form of only software, and require additional purchase of servers and storage equipment, so it is relatively expensive. Moreover, the company has no special IT department, and needs to entrust it to the third party for maintenance and management, so they are also worried that the installation is too complicated when implemented, and the maintenance is too troublesome.

  At this time, the company has known that Rich E-cloud, which they has been satisfied with originally, is launching the series of Rich E-cloud NAS. Having investigated Rich E-cloud NAS, they find that Rich E-cloud has not only all the functions of Rich E-cloud software, which can meet the application demands of the Company, but also is a kind of product having integrated the software and the hardware. All configurations have been in place when purchased, and it can get into gear when networked and booted, which requires no additional purchase of the hardware, and save the user a lot of trouble in installation and commissioning etc.

  After a period of use, the people throughout the company are very satisfied. In addition, Rich E-cloud has a beautiful and spacious, so it can give the room an upscale look in the office area.
Network structure diagram
Model of Rich E-cloud NAS: TS-453 Mini
1. Rich E-cloud NAS has all functions of Rich E-cloud, and integrated the software and hardware, and so requires no additional purchase of the hardware;
2. Rich E-cloud NAS is integrated equipment and basically free of maintenance;
3. Rich E-cloud NAS has several hard disk slots, which features plug and play and can be expanded flexibly.
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