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Rich E-cloud recruiting regional marketing agents

Rich E-cloud is a masterpiece enterprise level data management solution launched by RichTech in 2014; It can be adapted to various scale of companies, including the large, medium and small ones, and solve problems like data centralized storage, hierarchical authority management, disaster recovery and backup, file sharing, teamwork, anti-phishing and other core issues for enterprise.

After two years of continuous research and development, the functionality and performance of the latest 3.0 version are leading to similar products, and is simple to deploy, easy to use, warmly welcomed by business users.

In order to further expand market and serve customers, we are now recruiting regional marketing agents. RichTech will give agents the most preferential price policy, in-depth sales guidance, comprehensive technical training and support, to create brilliant future together with our channel partners.

Requirements for Rich E-cloud agents:
1. Have strong IT maintenance and management experience and technical ability;
2. Have a certain regional marketing capability, familiar with customers of local enterprises and institutions;
3. Have the fighting spirit and innovative ideas, willing to challenge different business areas, achieve a bigger and stronger enterprise.

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