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  Rich E-cloud is enterprise private-owned platform software, its goal is to unify the employee's data and have centralized storage and management, to help companies achieve collaborative office work, authority control, ensure data security and improve work efficiency.

Main Features
  • User Management
  • User Management Can add new, modify and delete users, support batch add and modify.
    Can edit the team where user belongs to, and also management of the user's resource.
  • Team Management
  • Team Management Can add, modify and delete team and sub-team.
    Can edit the users owned by the team, and can manage team resources, team resources can be inherited automatically to users.
    Team members include team leader, team administrator and user, different level has different privileges. Team leader has the full permission to view the data of all the team members.
  • Data Encryption
  • Data Encryption Users can set to encrypt or not when adding user, team or public resources.
    After setting, files will be transferred and stored as cipher text.
  • Virtual Disk Mode
  • Virtual Disk Mode Use virtual disk mode in LAN, user can operate it like the local disks without training and changing using habit, higher efficiency and faster speed.
  • Binding Machine
  • Binding Machine After setting user login bind with machine, user will only be able to login on the binding machine.
  • Multi-level Recycle Bin
  • Multi-level Recycle Bin After starting Recycle Bin in settings, user can manage the files in the first level recycle bin, the second level recycle bin can only be operated by administrator, using second level recycle bin can avoid user maliciously delete work data.
  • File Chain
  • File Chain Can easily share files with customers and partners, the shared files can be safely downloaded if opened through the corresponding link.
  • LDAP Support
  • LDAP Support Can import Windows domain users directly, replace Windows domain storage with Rich E-cloud, meanwhile keep Windows domain team strategy, achieve the perfect match of Rich E-cloud and Windows Domain.
  • More Functions
  • More Functions More functions of Rich E-cloud is continuously increasing and improving, please stay tuned for the version update notice of Rich E-cloud website.
  • File Management
  • File Management Can add, modify and delete various kinds of file resources. And can flexibly set which users or team can visit resources, according to what authority.
  • Backup and Recover
  • Backup and Recover Data in Rich E-cloud server can be set backup to the backup server automatically per day/week by Full backup and Incremental backup. When needs to recover data, can select to recover total or partial data of certain period.
  • Bidirectional Synchronization
  • Bidirectional Synchronization Match the directory in local disk and that in Rich E-cloud and realize bilateral synchronization.
    The use of bilateral synchronization will not change the use habits of the users, and will not affect the use when offline, so it is applicable to the users travelling frequently.
  • Start Program Mode
  • Start Program Mode Resource manager mode is similar with the operating mode of personal network disk, user who is used to personal network disk can select this mode.
  • Log Management
  • Log Management Including management log and user log, completely recording the system setting operations and file modification or delete by user. Administrator can filtering query, export and delete log.
  • Resource Sharing
  • Resource Sharing Directory sharing of Rich E-cloud is more convenient with high efficiency, and can be used in any network environment and client, meanwhile it has message notification feature, can promptly notify other users.
  • Mobile Platform
  • Mobile Platform Support both Android and iOS platform, visit your work file, resources shared by other and team resources at any time.
  • Historical Version
  • Historical Version Establish multiple historical versions for files edited several times, user can restore and download the historical version.
System Architecture
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